Shelley Lowell

Shelley Lowell, Shelley Lowell Graphic Design & Illustrator

Take Advantage of An Older Woman

Shelley is an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator who has been helping companies dress for success for 5 decades.

She offers a no-obligation consultation to review your branding and marketing materials as well as your website. This is your opportunity to find out if your current branding and marketing materials are working for you or not, and why.

As a one-woman advertising agency and design firm, she can help you with print and/or digital ads, logos, stationery and business cards, banners for exhibit booths, sales literature, flyers, postcards, menus, packaging, books, publications, catalogs and/or vehicle wraps and more. She is easy to work with and highly creative. Her design style is classic yet contemporary and stands the test of time.

Put your best image forward and present your company in the best light possible. Call Shelley at 203.730.0664 and take advantage of her wisdom and creativity.

And she helps people too! If you are a genealogy buff, Shelley creates family charts and/or family history books that are treasured for generations to come.

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Shelley Lowell Graphic Design & Illustration

5 Decades of Helping Companies Dress for Success