Why Network?

  • Stronger Loyalty – Referral customers are less likely to leave
  • People pay 2X more attention to recommendations from friends
  • 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know
  • “Word of mouth is our best form of advertising” – Shopify
  • “90% of our growth is from word of mouth” – Etsy
  • Referred customers bring you higher profit margins

Referral Marketing simply works. It helps you attract customers who are more loyal and more profitable.

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Why Professional Connections Networking Group?

Professional Connections founding members have many years of business referral experience. Their experiences with Chambers, coffee groups, and other business networks showed these groups, while helpful, were only mildly effective. By joining together in a business to business referral group, the members found that effective networking requires an emphasis on passing quality referrals. As a result, this core team has a combined 52 years of profitable referral business totaling over 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS in passed referrals. This translates into 30 THOUSAND DOLLAR PER PERSON PER YEAR in passed referrals!

Sound good? No? Sounds great? YES! Terrific! Wait, here’s more…

The Professional Connections founding members made a page-turning, leap forward by
by forming a new, independent referral group. Why? The team decided to emphasize referrals over leads and offer a low-cost, high quality referral program. Coupled with a few simple rules and procedures, Professional Connections could increase productivity for the current members. They are now looking to expand the group and attract new members.  New members like you perhaps…

Sound terrific? No? Sounds FANTASTIC? YES! AWESOME!

As with anything else, people have a natural tendency to be skeptical on whether something like this really works. Well, how can you know unless you try it out, right? To make it easier to find out how awesome Professional Connections is, they offer FREE attendance to a meeting to help you see for yourself.  So what are you waiting for? Discover just how AWESOME we are by clicking here to contact us today!